The Smell of Success for Kids!

Nose University teaches children interpersonal and social skills that are vital to education, personal growth and wellness.

Our unique programs use scent and sensory techniques to approach teamwork, respectful dialogue, mindfulness, connection to self, nature and the world around us. 

Nose University educates noses, expands imaginations, sharpens senses and empowers children to reach their highest level of success.

What is Scent Education?

Scent Education uses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) principles to show children the power of scent in every day lives. Because the sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system (the area of the brain responsible for emotions) we also emphasize the power of scent as inspiration for creative writing, poetry and artistic expression. 

Whether it is in-school, at a library, museum, bookstore, or private event, we work with you to fit your educational and budgetary needs. 


Call now to build your program. The possibilities (and benefits) of Scent Education are endless!

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Superhero Sense of Smell & Creative Writing Workshop

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Ongoing Through School Year

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Ongoing Through School Year 

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