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 Scent Education & STEAM Programs for Kids

Nose University is dedicated to teaching children about their sense of smell and how it relates to important STEAM principles of science, technology, engineering art and math. We also stress the importance of mindfulness, connection to self, nature and the world around us. 

Most importantly, we teach social skills such as respectful dialogue, teamwork, working towards goals and empathy for others.


Join us as we educate noses, expand imaginations, sharpen senses and empower children! 


Upcoming Events

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) principles are at the forefront of our Nose University programs, with a strong emphasis on creative writing, mindfulness, self-expression and sensory exploration. 

We offer a variety of options: in-school workshops, after-school programs and special activities at libraries and museums, all based around the magic of scent exploration.

We will work with you to find the specific criteria for your educational and budgetary needs. 


When it comes to discovering scent the possibilities (and benefits) are endless.


Call now to build your custom program!

Teen study group

Sense of Smell & Creative Writing Workshop

Library Programs

Chemistry Students

6 Week Scent Education Course

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